{september 7, 2011}   Blog Posts

As you might realize, I don’t update my blog especially often, due to the fact that when I have any ideas of significance that I want to share with the world I usually write them on Facebook. If I just want to put the idea out there and not just tell my friends, I post it on Twitter. But Twitter has the disadvantage of stopping any complex or lengthy ideas of mine with it’s 140 character count. I mean, my texts are longer than that!


{mars 12, 2011}   A general update

I usually don’t do this, but sometimes you got to. I’m simply making a update.

I’m on my way to Romme, the skiing place, together with my sister, my brother and about 75 other people, of which I would say I know 2 and reqognize another 15. Everyone except me and my sister are drinking, quite a few are already drunk. But I’m not complaining. This is quite fun!

{februari 22, 2011}   School work

Is reading this piece of a book about global languages, and how English is it right now. I can barely do anything but agree.
I speak it, in school and at home(although significantly less) and i read it everywhere. I tend to move away from swedish reading, not mainly because I favour English, but because it’s a much broader spectre of reading selection. It’s a matter of choice.
But then again, I also write in English. It’s a bad circle. If we don’t write more in Swedish, we will choose English instead. As my science teacher said one: Why would I write in Swedish, when no one will read it?

{februari 21, 2011}   More hair

Sometimes you wake up with such a awsome morning hair that you don’t wanna brush it.

{februari 21, 2011}   Oscars

If there was an award for the ability to keep two songs stuck in your head at the same time, I should get it!

{december 8, 2010}   Wikileaks

Inspiration: Blogpost

There has been quite a lot of talk about the sexual harassment and rape accusations against Mr. Assange, I hope you haven’t missed that.
There has been a international look-out for the man, and now he has been caught. Or arrested. Language is important.
The accusations, the look-out and the arrest are very skillfully put. Timewise. When would be a better time to have a reason to arrest the founder of a organisation who nobody(except for everybody) likes than when they are releasing very sensitive information?
I haven’t looked at it closely, so I haven’t the faintest idea over how, who, when and during what circumstances the rape had happened.
If it is true, yes I say if, then I feel so very sorry for the girls. Because right now, I don’t believe them.
I believe that they are puppets of a government who wants to make Wikileaks a little bit vulnerable. Sadly for that government, Julian Assange is not the organisation. He’s just the personification of it.

As a small little note, the title is ment to be as ignorant as it sounds. It is very much so that I have the ability to see the diference between Wikileaks(the organisation) and Julian Assange(The person).

{november 22, 2010}   Twitter and the like.

I have known about Twitter for some time now. It’s not that hard, it’s everywere. Read a Macworld and somewhere it will be written. Be on Facebook and someone mentions it. It’s not hard.
But, with a bit of rebellness in mind since Twitter was considered for old people in my mind, I signed up. My first tweet you asked?

At first I couldn’t really grasp what the big deal was. It was like Facebooks status updates, I thought. Oh, I was wrong. On the status updates on Facebook, people write their STATUSES. On Twitter you are more personal and open, but in a smaller amount of words. You write thoughts, you post links, you ReTweet what your ”friends” are saying that is smart. Etc, etc. Now that I have realized the brilliance, I am hooked.
When Dad first said ”You have to have it on all the time, otherwise you’ll miss out on stuff”, I didn’t get it. Now I see what he mean.
I was also reading a blogpost that I found interesting, (——> Link ) that relates to what I wanted to say. Because with being a Digital Native, I don’t really have a clear idea of what the Digital Immigrants are feeling. You hear stories of how it was in the ”good ol’ days!” when you had to walk a 10 kilometers to get to clean water. Eeeeeeh, you know, 10 years ago. 🙂
When me and Mum went to Grandma a few months ago, I naturally brought my computer. And my iPhone. And my chord to connect the two. The cord was my charger for the iPhone and my internet-connection.
However, Mum told me not to bring it because I wouldn’t need it – since I was gonna be with grandma and her.
I brought it anyway.

1. The I-am-a-addict thing that everybody goes with and that everybody relates to.
2. I needed a charger for my phone.
3. Facebook(and had this been now, I also would have written Twitter)
4. Writing.
5. Making sure I had the world at my feet. Which is what the internet is. Simply put.

{november 17, 2010}   Hair

Hair had always been one one my proud things. We all have something that we are proud of and something that we are less proud of in the way we look. My strenght is my hair.
I also read about some old belief that the womens power was in their hair(which I think about everytime I think about the Burkas etc) and that if you cut it, the power would go away.

I also know some people with truly fantastic hair. Dad, Anja, Hanna etc. Dad with his extremely curly hair, Anja with her made-for-80s hair and Hanna with her pretty, perfect curls who are now not existing.
I have also had the great pleasure of seeing Alan’s, Leeroy’s and Athuman’s hair. The greatest hair to day is clearly Athuman’s! The feel of a sheep at your fingertips. I don’t understand how he is not constantly touching his own hair!

But not to forget Maryam’s hair. Great hair.

I am a person who dislikes shopping. Spending a sum of money that exceds 100 kr is uncomfortable for me. I have to spread it out over several stores! And I am even happier if I can spread it out over several days!
But now, I see a change in myself. I can easily spend money, or at least easier.
I recently bought a jacket e.g. And I will pay half of it, plus new winter shoes. And it doesn’t bother me. As much.
And I am also looking forward to the christmas shopping. Most of all because I love the city when it’s cold, dark and all the lights are on. I don’t like walking around for hours looking for possible gift to buy, but I do like the little time I spend there.

{september 22, 2010}   Speaking of babysat

Take the word babysat. It’s quite similar to the swedish equivalent. But with one major difference. Babysat implies that you’re guarding a baby. Which I haven’t done in years!
There are also other words that are better in swedish, though they are less obvious. Capital letters, e.g. In swedish, the word is big letters, which are more correct. I’m not saying that the english word i wrong, or that it misguides you, but the swedish word is simply better.

et cetera